You only grow old when you abandon your ideals

After more than 70 years and many customers around the world, we are proud of being experts in the production of hair brushes, combs and beauty accessories. We continue with the same enthusiasm, effort and over all, with the same passion in doing things as we like.

We love what we do!



Ciao Bellezza!

Having recently arrived from Italy, we wanted to tell you a few things. As previously noted, we had several surprises this year. To start off, our stand, which was bigger than usual, was given a new corporate design and the headline “BE YOURSELF. BE US”

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From Moment to Moment

Suddenly, the lights went out. The two bodies were in the dark. Instantly, as if it were a reflex, they embraced. They remained like that for a while, in silence, although it did not take them long to tell each other of their adventures.
They had not seen each other for a long time.

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Like a fish in water

When fall comes around, the sea is completely forgotten. Photos of it are no longer published or tagged on Instagram and products are no longer created for it. That’s why we wanted to dedicate our Ducho comb to it, its undulating forms, different shades, and because it slides through wet hair like a fish in water. The Ducho comb reminds us of you.

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