Horquilla moño rubia
Horquilla moño rubia

Horquilla moño rubia

horquilla invisible rubiaHORQUILLA INVISIBLE RUBIA




Smooth invisible pin to hold down any gathered hair precisely. Also indispensable for buns. With a blond color, it avoids being visible in blond hair.


How to Make a Ballet Bun.

  • Wet your hair a little and use a comb to make a well-stretched ponytail. You can hold it in place with a thin black band. It has to be slightly higher than the nape of your neck (not very high or very low). You can use the LARGE BLACK COMB.
  • Wrap your ponytail around itself in a corkscrew shape and then wrap it around the band in the same direction.

*If you have very thick or long hair, you can divide the ponytail into multiple strands and wrap them in different directions.

  • Tie the outline of your bun to your head using  invisible pins. If some hair stands out to the side, you can hold it in place using small pins.
  • Place the hairnet over your bun and if you want you can apply hairspray.
Logistics Information

REF. 661
EAN. 8412339006615