Ducho comb display (12 units)

The Ducho comb is designed for applying hair mask or treatments in the shower and for combing after coming out the sea or swimming pool. Have a nice hair, wherever you are.


Detangle without pulling "XS" brush display (6 units)

It’s small, it’s wonderful and… Detangle without pulling! The perfect “XS” size allied to take it with you and to show off a beautiful hairstyle.



Ideal items to show off a beautiful hairstyle on a trip, on the beach or after the pool.


Detangle without pulling “XS” brush


The detangle hairbrushes are now a reality and this one could not be less. The distribution and design of its pins create the ideal geometry for detangling without pulling or breaking the hair. In addition, its “XS” size makes it the ideal partner to take it always with you.


  • A professional brush: I’ts resistant to heat of hairdryer.
  • State-of-the-art material.Manufactured with Hytrel® Dupont™.
  • A curve that makes the difference.The distribution of its pins creates the ideal geometry for detangling without pulling.
  • Pins 360º free of edges. Don’t break or damage hair.
  • A unique piece, more hygienic. It’s very easy cleaning brush.

Its double spike system drains water from wet hair. It is ideal for the shower and for applying hair treatments like your  hair mask. Strengthens its application thanks to its flex form system. You can take it to the beach or pool!

  • EASY-HANG SYSTEM. Always at hand
  • DUAL TEETH SYSTEM. Drains water easily
  • FLEX FORM. Detangles and combs gently.