25th november 2016


“Swimming is the most complete sport.” How many times have we heard that sentence?

What is true, though, is that besides its multiple benefits for the circulation of blood, breathing, and muscles, swimming is the ideal way  to disconnect from the world.



When you’re swimming  you can think about whatever you want, or nothing at all…


That must be why increasingly more people decide to head for a pool. Especially this time of year, that the weather isn’t very helpful for walking around. To have a good time it might make more sense to stay in the water exercising rather than being out in the rain.

While swimming takes care of your legs, arms, chest, and back, we want to take care of your hair. That’s why the ideal complement for a trip to the swimming pool  is our DUCHO comb.

The Ducho comb has a Flex Form design that allows it to untangle wet hair gently. Its double polka dot system allows water to drip off easily, which makes it ideal both for applying hair treatment in the shower and for combing your hair when you come out of the sea or the pool. With its end, it can be hung up easily: you can hang it up in the shower without worrying about leaving it there.

peine piscina




So if you’re one of the ones who’s headed for the pool, don’t forget to put it in your pack!