In autumn, new colours

21st September 2015

Colors change,
leaves fall.
Now, they’re transparent.


We all like summer, but who doesn’t like fall? They say it’s a melancholy and calm season, like a transition. A rest after the hustle and bustle of summer, as we wait for the cold of winter. A moment of silence, of slow and constant change, the best example of which can be found in colors.

Green changes to ocher, to red, to orange… As though an impressionist  painter were at work, the fall marks the fields with small spots of color that change according to the light falling on them.

Crack, crack, crack… How fun it is to walk on layers of dried leaves!


And like the trees, we let our brushes without handles change and reflect the change in the season… and at the end, we make them transparent.


Are you surprised?